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Anjuman Himayat-i-Islam.
Anjuman Himayat-i-Islam.
Anjuman Himayat-i-Islam.

MESSAGE BY Syed Zia Haidar Rizvi

B.A. LL.B Punjab and Financial training in UK by working with Sir William Garthwait Re-insurance Ltd.

Experienced in Financial, Corporate & Legal Consultancy and a renowned Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan dealing in law and corporate matters.

Dr. Rashid Amjad -----It is a singular honour for me for which I am humbly grateful to Almighty Allah for granting me the privilege to serve as President of the Anjuman Himayat- i-Islam founded in 1884 to propagate the cause of educating the Muslim youth in the sub-continent and imbibing them with the basic teachings and values of Islam which were under threat by Hindu fundamentalists and other Non-Muslim missionaries. I will endeavor to follow the footsteps of the founding fathers of this noble institution including its first President Qazi Hamid-ud-Din who was followed by distinguished personalities including Allma Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, Khalifa Shuja-ud-Din, Syed Mohsin Shah and Justice (Retd.) Manzoor Hussain Sial. 

It was to realise this primary objective to provide education to Muslim youth -men and women – and welfare support measures for those in need that the Anjuman established over the years Islamia College, Railway Road, Lahore in 1892, Islamia College for Women, Cooper Road, in 1939 and after independence Islamia College, Civil Lines, Lahore in 1955 and Islamia Schools for boys and girls. The former two colleges produced the students who played a leading role in the movement for the creation of Pakistan as well as many renowned Muslim judges in the High Court and Supreme Court of Pakistan, eminent lawyers, outstanding and dedicated civil servants, professional engineers, doctors, economists, eminent academics and prominent sportsmen (at one time 7 of the 11 members of the Pakistan cricket team were from Islamia College). Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, visited the Islamia College, Railway Road, Lahore many times to inspire the young students to dedicate themselves to the creation of Pakistan and these galvanized students remained at the forefront of the Pakistan Movement. 

In addition the Anjuman actively engaged in setting up welfare institutions like Dar-ul-Shafqat for boys and separately for girls to provide boarding, lodging and education to the orphans which were generously supported by donations from people in all walks of life in appreciation of these services for those most in need. 

The Anjuman today continues to play a leading role in providing graduate education for girls in two colleges it runs with an enrollment of 1500 students. a prominent Law College, a Tibbiya College for Unani medicine, a Vocational Institute for Technical Education, a number of primary and secondary schools for boys and girls, a Dar-ul-Aloom Dinia separately for boys and girls, a Unani Shifa Khana and separate Dar-ul -Shafqat for boys and girls. 

As President my primary objective would be to support and work closely with the honourable office-bearers, members of the Committees set-up to guide the working of our education and welfare institutions and constantly seek guidance from the General Council in further raising the performance and delivery of all services being currently provided by the Anjuman.

I hope to do this by investing in our human resources – the dedicated and qualified teachers and staff – through upgrading their skills and inducting new staff with higher degrees (Ph,D and M.Phil), providing latest equipment and technology, and gradually raising wages and remuneration based on performance as well as ensuring minimal competitive wages and income and welfare support.

A major initiative that the Anjuman has recently launched is the upgrading of our current colleges into a Degree Awarding Institute of Business Studies, Informatics and Law (IBL) which will propel us to becoming a leading national and ultimately global cutting-edge teaching and research institution with strong links with internationally renowned institutions.

I count on your prayers and support in fulfilling the goals that were set by our forefathers who laid the foundations of our great institution over 138 years ago which we remain committed to uphold and deliver.

Anjuman Himayat-i-Islam.
Anjuman Himayat-i-Islam.
اہم اعلان

حمایتِ اسلام چیر یٹی پلازہ کرایہ پر دستیاب ہے انتہائی پُر کشش ار کمرشل لوکیشن بنک، ملٹی نیشنل کمپنیز، دفاتر ،فارمیسیزاور ہائی برانڈز کے حامل اداروں کی لیے بہترین موقع انجمن حمایتِ اسلام چیر ٹی پلازہ برمشتمل 03 کنال بر لبِ سڑک واقع مین ملتان روڈ (چوک یتیم خانہ)،لاہور ٭....پلازہ میں وسیع بیسمنٹ برائے پارکنگ کار، موٹر سائیکل وغیرہ کی سہولت۔ ٭....گراﺅنڈ فلورپر 02کمرشل ہال ٭....فرسٹ فلور پر دفاتر ٭....سیکنڈاورتھرڈ فلورپر رہائشی فلیٹس برائے رابطہ: اسٹیٹ / لینڈ آفیسر انجمن موبائل نمبر: 4378788-0332/0300 لینڈ لائن نمبر:04237505501

فنانس کمیٹی انجمن حمایت اسلام کا اجلاس

فنانس کمیٹی انجمن حمایت اسلام کا اجلاس مورخہ20 اکتوبر 2022ءکوجناب سید ضیاءحیدر رضوی‘صدر انجمن کی صدارت میں منعقد ہوا جس میں انصار احمد قریشی(چیئرمین فنانس کمیٹی )،میاں محمد منیر(آنریری سیکرٹری جنرل )،مرزا خادم حسین جرال (آنریری سیکرٹری فنانس)، جسٹس(ر)سید سخی حسین بخاری(آنریری سیکرٹری ویلفیئر) ڈاکٹر شوکت علی (آنریری سیکرٹری تعلیم)،مدثر لطیف راں(آنریری چیف انٹرنل آڈیٹر) اورممبر فنانس کمیٹی خواجہ سہیل محمو دبٹ ،سجاد حسین،میاں زاہد جاوید اورمحمد ایوب خاں اجلاس میں شریک ہوئے جب کہ آنریری سیکرٹری نشروتالیفات کمیٹی ‘ ڈاکٹر فاروق احمد خصوصی دعوت پراجلاس میں تشریف لائے۔اجلاس میں ادارہ جات انجمن کی طرف سے موصولہ مالی معاملات پر اہم فیصلے کیے گئے۔

مقابلہ حسن ِقرات ،نعت خوانی اور تقریری مقابلے

حمایت اسلام لائبریری و اسلامک ریسرچ سنٹر کے زیر اہتمام ربیع الاوّل کی مناسبت سے بعنوان شان رسالتﷺ مقابلہ حسن ِقرات ،نعت خوانی اور تقریری مقابلے کا اہتمام کیا جارہا ہے۔مقابلوں کا انعقاد قائداعظمؒ ہال‘واقع حمایت اسلام طبیہ کالج میں مورخہ8نومبر2022ءبروز منگل کو کیا جارہا ہے۔تقریب کے مہمانِ خصوصی صدر انجمن حمایت اسلام‘جناب سید ضیاءحیدر رضوی ہوں گے۔ مقابلے میں انجمن حمایت اسلام کے سکول و کالجز کی طرف سے 25طلبا و طالبات حصہ لے رہے ہیں،جن میں سے مقابلہ حسن ِقرات میں 8 ،مقابلہ حسنِ نعت میں9 اور تقریری مقابلے میں 8طلبہ حصہ لیں گے۔جیتنے والے طلباوطالبات کو انعامی رقم و تعریفی اسناد نوازی جائیں گی۔

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